Our Philosophy

Being a part of our athletic program carries with it a responsibility to your family, teammates, coaches, school and community as a whole. We view the athletic department as an extension of the classroom which mirrors the philosophy of our high school and its core values.
Holliston Panther Athletics boasts a proud winning tradition. We are focused and committed to developing tremendous leaders, tough competitors and outstanding communicators. Collectively these qualities will enable our student-athletes to be able to handle and deal with adversity at Holliston High and beyond.
Our coaching staff is committed to the student-athlete first and foremost. We look for coaches who are hard workers with outstanding character. We expect them to be proactive communicators and have solid depth of knowledge in their sport. We expect them to support our school’s core values and demonstrate/teach the qualities of good sportsmanship

General Information

 Activities/Athletics: Rules Governing School Privileges:

In addition to adhering to the tenets of the MIAA academic eligibility policies, Holliston High School requires students to attain passing grades in all courses (incomplete grades are not considered to be passing grades) – using both term and final grades when available - in the term immediately preceding participation sport (for students attending an approved summer school program the final grades of program will be considered in determining eligibility for fall athletics).  Eligibility for a succeeding term is determined on the day report
  1. Fees for participation on teams or in extracurricular clubs, etc. must be paid in full before participation begins.  Only the Principal or his/her designee may grant waivers of this rule.
  2. Both student athletes and students involved in extracurricular activities must be present for at least 50% of a school day to be eligible for participation in that day’s event. 
  3. Students shall not possess, use, sell, give or otherwise transmit alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia or be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drug or regulated substance, as defined in M.G. L. Chapter 94C on any school property or at any school-sponsored activity or event away from or within the school.  This includes the use of any illegal drug or regulated substance prior to attendance at, or participation in, a school-sponsored activity.
  4. Members of the student body who are not active participants in any extracurricular activities may also be subject to suspension from attendance at school functions.
  5. Any student who acts in a dangerous way or brings discredit to Holliston High School may have all privileges, including attendance at school activities, suspended as determined by the school administration.

Tri-Valley League Sportsmanship

  1. Interscholastic competition exists for its educational value.  Although winning is important, the prime objective is to appreciate the educational and athletic development of our young people.
  2. Spectators and participants are all guests at this educational experience and have the responsibility to uphold the ideals of good sportsmanship.
  3. Game officials do their best to make quick, fair, and unbiased decisions and should be treated with respect.
  4. Every competitor is worthy of our respect and should be treated with courtesy.
  5. A true competitor is humble in victory and steadfast in defeat.